Trading Platform

PRC provides a fast and secure trading environment. We have established transactions at major financial data centers in Asia, North America and Oceania, and we strive to ensure the fastest and most secure transactions from anywhere in the world without delay.


The PRC MT4 has sophisticated and practical features that allow all types of traders to implement all trading strategies. PRC MT4's excellent real-time trading platform provides automatic update of market data, detailed dynamic quote analysis, user-friendly interface, news updates, and the ability to set technical indicators and use the Expert Advisor. Traders can manage their trading accounts with their full-featured, feature-rich, and user-friendly platform interface to maximize the effectiveness and viability of their trading strategies.

PRC MT4 characteristics

  • Easy and convenient to use interface
  • News directly into the trading platform
  • Automated docking EA
  • Multilingual platform
  • Daily account report
  • Real-time total report of trading accounts, including net worth, floating profit and loss, positions
  • Sec speed synchronous mobile terminal


PRC MT5 platform with all the best features of MetaTrader4, and adjusted according to PRC customers' needs, no matter what their style or preferences of trading assets, these customers want to win the market. This powerful and user-friendly trading platform enhances the customer's trading experience by providing customers with a host of complementary features such as advanced trading tools, superior customer support and an at-a-glance management interface. Use one of the most innovative and popular trading platform in the world, let PRC customers efficient transaction has a best start.

PRC MT5 characteristics

  • Trading PRC all asset classes
  • Can view more than 100 icons at the same time
  • Easy to use with one-click transaction function
  • Allow hedging transactions
  • Built-in advanced analysis tools
  • Full access to trading account and transaction history
  • Real-time synchronization browsers and mobile terminal

Mobile Trading Platform

for iOS for Android
Trade anywhere, anytime
Real-time icon display 24 kinds of analysis objects Real-time icon display 24 kinds of analysis objects
Monitor real-time orders More than 30 technical indicators Monitor real-time orders More than 30 technical indicators
Set pending order, take profit stop loss
See the full transaction records