Risk Warning

All financial products traded on margin, such as foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, stock indexes, etc., are highly risky and they are not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to fully understand the risks and invest within the limits you can afford. Before any transaction that PRC Group, please carefully read and understand.

Margin trading information

PRCBroker Group (referred to as the "PRC") financial trading products are traded on margin carries a high risk investment, applies only to the ability to bear the risk of loss of individual and institutional investors. PRC can provide foreign exchange trading accounts with a leverage ratio of up to 100:1. If the transaction is conducted at the maximum leverage, the risk will also increase, and a small price fluctuation may cause a large decrease in the net asset value of the account. High leverage means high returns and high risks. Before deciding to invest in any financial product, you must carefully consider your investment objectives, trading experience, and economic coverage. Leveraged trading has the potential to lose some or all of your initial deposits, so you should avoid investing in funds that cannot withstand losses. Changes in the prices of foreign exchange and other financial products are affected by a number of global factors, many of which are unpredictable, and PRC cannot guarantee the maximum loss you may suffer.

Market analysis risk

Any information provided by the PRC and their staff, analysis, surveys and opinions do not constitute any investment advice, and can not guarantee its accuracy in any way. PRC is not responsible for any damages resulting from any information or delays, uncertainties, errors or omissions that are provided verbally or through the Internet.

Network transaction risk

Online transactions are risky, including but not limited to hardware, software and Internet connection failures and other force majeure factors (such as special weather conditions and natural disasters, wars, labor disputes leading to communication or power failures, etc.). Since the PRC can not control your device, the signal received via the Internet or reliability configuration, we can not and will not failure to communicate through the network transactions, distortion or delay. PRC will try to reduce the possibility of system failure, and when needed, customers can also make trades by telephone.